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SEO Link & Rank Reports

Rank and backlink profiles are two of the most widely used reports that come into play when the SEO services are being rendered. The main reason is progress, your clients what to know that their money is being well spent and it’s your job to show them how you’re doing that. If you plan on keeping it a secret until the page one rankings come you will be sure to get fired long before that ever happens, well that is if your client cares about knowing the progression of his site in the SERPS. Further more you need to make sure that when you open up the discussion for an increase in budget that your progress is widely know amongst your business associates so they cooperate and give you the needed raise in SEO budget that you want.

Link reports are good for a few things; one primary reason is you want to prove that your building links for your clients. If they suspect that their money is not being put to good use then they will be sure to cut you off. Losing a SEO client is what this website try’s to help better inform you about so that it never happens. Locking the client in an SEO contract and providing link and rank reports will help to keep your client on a long term relationship and not the other way around.

Link reports should contain the following information, the profile of the client, the title of the article, the url that you made, the backlink, and the anchor text that you built the backlink from. A date will also help clients keep track of expenses and PR value are good as well for more savvy clients seeking results.

Rank reports can give you the time you need to execute your job in a timely manner. Rank reports are essential because if your client thinks that he is not getting anywhere then it’s a bust and no matter how good your excuses are he is sure to opt out of the agreement assuming you didn’t lock him into a contract. Rank reports should contain the following information, the keyword, the original rank, the change in rank, the new rank, the url, and possibly the completion as well. This type of report when compared week by week will help the client understand that SEO is a timely process.

So in conclusion we see that rank and link reports as well as SEO contracts are something that every good SEO guru needs when building his cliental. Don’t make the mistake of disregarding this article because you now know how important each piece of the puzzle is when expanding your bottom line.