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Web Page Optimization

The internet seems like a really big place, the last estimate of how many website are on the internet cam up with a number that staggers the imagination itself. It is estimated that there are well over 1 billion sites on the world wide web. Many of these sites are no longer around and active, but it is still offset by he many number of new sites that become available to the public each day. For business owners it means that the website established by their company has to shine on if they need to have their voice heard over others competing in the market.

Most business websites will not be competing against all 1 billion of other sites on the world wide web. Initially most business's clearly define market segments within the confines that they operate in. This will cut down most of the competition activity rom other unrelated sites. Second even though the power of the World wide web is in the reach of many business's operate on a strictly local level, which further more cuts down competition.

Good website design begins with the user experience at the moment that the use needs a specific product or service. The website will need to be highly visible in Google and other search engines. If it is not quickly accessible through these methods the rankings could likely fail and not reach the target audience. There are a number of ways that website design can begin to help elevate search engine rankings.

Now you have the design itself and the site. The navigation should be simple and the unique selling proposition or value of the company that is building the desired landing page. If this is left undone it will result in a high bounce rate, which mean site visitors will stop by for a mere seconds before bouncing off the page. This will contribute to your bounce rate.